Data Entry

Take your business processes to the next level, outsource your data entry needs to Orabitech, Our experienced team members have the experience to handle large volumes of documents.

Billing and Payment Support

Provide your customers with the billing and payment support they need, including understanding their bills, how to pay them and any other inquiries they may have.

Medical Coding and Billing

Automatically verify insurance eligibility and process claims faster while lowering in-house administrative tasks.

Order Processing

Increase customer fulfillment productivity by outsourcing your order processing needs at Orabitech.

Appointments & Reservation

Whether it’s over the phone or through a virtual meeting, having a one-on-one conversation is an essential component for your marketing department to progress.

Total Contact Management & Business Support Services

One key for a business to be successful is to create a rapport with your customers to ensure brand loyalty.

Accounting Services

Our well trained accountants are perfect for the task and can work under pressure, too. We will track your cash flow or reconcile accounts.

Legal Outsourcing

We have a huge team of legal workers who are well versed when it comes to all the legalese that comes with these tasks. Work is done in a timely manner and all details are given proper attention.